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Mission Accomplished!

Congratulations on finding all the clues and completing the treasure hunt! Winners and prizes will be announced on my Instagram Stories later tonight! 

But for now, as've discovered the cover of The Masquerade


      About the Book:

Jane Akerly feels as if she's falling headfirst into a fairytale. 
Spending Christmas Eve at the Palace of Tarsurella is everything Christmas songs and Hallmark movies are made of. But Jane knows better than to get her hopes up. At least, she should know better. Her friendship with Prince Asher is simply that...a friendship. Isn't it? Or will the twinkling lights upon the tree spark something new?

Meanwhile, the Royal Family is enjoying having Bridget back home for their beloved holiday traditions, including the annual Christmas Eve Masquerade Ball. But not everyone is looking forward to the holly-jolly event. Princess Hope feels it's wrong to host the party when so many within their Kingdom are still without power. Princess Chasity is battling doubts of her own, concerning the prim-and-proper James O Conner who insists on treating her like Christmas Royalty. Shouldn't she be flattered by his elaborate gifts and thoughtful doting? 

A sparkling evening of shimmering ball gowns and vintage masks quickly takes a dramatic turn as a mysterious guest arrives. Is Hope seeing who she thinks she's seeing? Or is it simply a case of mistaken identity? 

The Masquerade is Book #5 in The Tales of Tarsurella Series


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