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Collect all of the Chestnut Academy Books!

Ten-year-old Princess Millie finds herself far from her castle in Europe and smack dab in the middle of horse school madness in Kentucky! But there's a catch: nobody knows she's a princess! Determined to fit in with her classmates at Chestnut Academy, Millie resorts to drastic measures—like a daring hair transformation. Can she keep her true identity under wraps?

Saddle up for an unforgettable adventure as Millie gallops into the hearts of new friends, takes on the thrilling challenge of competing with Starlight the magnificent mare, and discovers the importance of being who she was truly created to be! Get ready for a wild ride full of laughter, friendship, and true princess power!

Undercover Princess is the first book in a delightful series for girls ages 8 to 12, Chestnut Academy

Book #1 Front Cover.png

#1 Undercover Princess

Millie can't wait to celebrate "Galentine's Day" with her friends at Chestnut Academy! But when her father asks her to spend the day with her kid brother, Willie, Millie fears that she'll break the most important club rule: No Boys Allowed!


Meanwhile, the boys at Craven Hall have a surprise of their own up their sleeves. They challenge the young ladies of Chestnut Academy to go head-to-head in an exciting competition! But the invitation comes with a twist: they must attend the Craven Hall school dance!

Will Millie and her friends defeat the boys? Or will they be forced to surrender in the middle of their prank war? Ride and laugh along with Millie and the M&M gang in a brand-new adventure!

#2 Prank War

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